• Award 1: The Employee Of The Year Award *This award is available for sponsorship*

  • Criteria:

  • Open to all employees working in Scottish catering, hospitality and tourism, this award aims to highlight the staff member whose efforts and contributions have consistently risen above and beyond their usual remit over the past 12 months. Any role or length of service may be considered.

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  • A description of the individual’s personality and how they stand out from their peers. (Maximum 150 words).
  • A description of the individual’s impeccable work ethic, including loyalty, dedication, reliability, originality, innovative ideas and creative initiatives. (Maximum 150 words).
  • A description of the individual’s career history, length of service, professional skills, training and qualifications, career progression and any continuous professional development. (Maximum 150 words or a one-page CV attachment).
  • Provide examples of how the individual has helped to differentiate the company from its competitors, including measurable improvements in commercial performance and/or customer satisfaction. (Maximum 150 words).
  • Provide references or reports from line managers, clients, peers or senior management. (Maximum 150 words).
  • Provide proof of external recognition and competitive success, including qualifications and award wins. (Maximum 150 words and/or attach certificate copies).
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