• Award 12: The Group Hotel of the Year Award, co-sponsored by InStock *This award is available for co-sponsorship*

  • Criteria:

  • This award is open to all hotels that are managed by third parties or are operated as part of a larger organization with two or more properties in a portfolio. The winning establishment should be located in Scotland and form part of a local, national or international hotel brand.

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  • Describe the establishment’s overall ambience and facilities, and how it stands out from competitors. (Maximum 150 words).
  • Describe how the hotel prioritises guest satisfaction, staff development and the promotion of local tourism. (Maximum 150 words).
  • Provide evidence of a group-wide commitment to environmental awareness, ethical principles and sustainable operating practices, including energy-efficiency and local sourcing. (Maximum 150 words, and/or a precise link to the relevant page on the establishment’s website).
  • Describe the distinctive benefits gained from the hotel’s association with the parent brand or management company. (Maximum 150 words).
  • Provide an outline of training procedures and initiatives designed to improve employees’ skills, career prospects and the overall guest experience. (Maximum 150 words, and/or a precise link to the relevant page on your website).
  • Provide proof of external recognition, including guest references, reviews and/or press cuttings, in addition to any previous award nominations or wins. (Maximum 150 words or one-page certificate copy).
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