• The Sustainable Business Award, co-sponsored by Green Tourism *This award is available for co-sponsorship*

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  • Open to any organisation or business working in the Scottish catering, tourism or hospitality sectors, this award seeks to identify operators that have excelled in the reduction of their environmental impact through the implementation of a range of sustainable business policies and practices over the past 12 months.

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  • Describe how you embed environmental awareness, energy-efficiency, waste reduction and sustainable business practices into all areas of your company. (Maximum 150 words and/or a precise link to the relevant page on your website).
  • Describe the measures you have implemented in the past 12 months to reduce waste, energy and/or water usage - including investment in technology or equipment - and how this has impacted on your business. (Maximum 150 words and/or a precise link to the relevant page on your website).
  • Describe your company’s procurement policy and its commitment to sourcing Scottish, local, sustainably produced food and drink. (Maximum 150 words and/or a one-page PDF of your procurement policy. A precise link to the relevant page on your website is also permitted).
  • Provide details of how you communicate information to staff and customers about your organisation’s commitment to sustainable business practices. This may include press cuttings or evidence of external recognition and competitive success. (Maximum 150 words and/or a precise link to the relevant pages on your website).
  • Provide details of your training procedures that encourage employees to implement environmentally friendly initiatives and best practice. (Maximum 150 words and/or a precise link to the relevant page on your website).
  • Evidence of customer, client or third party approval of the business. (Maximum 150 words including testimonials, endorsements or articles/press cuttings).
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