• Award 4: The Employee Retention & Engagement Award, Sponsored by Caterer.com

  • Criteria:

  • This award recognises employers who achieve strong results in employee retention and engagement through their attraction, recruitment and development programmes. It is open to organisations of any size, structure or discipline in the Scottish catering, hospitality and tourism sectors. Entries are sought from operators who are able to provide measurable evidence of improvement in retention and engagement over the previous 12 months, as well as a clear overview of the initiatives that led to this success.

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  • Outline the challenge you faced with regard to retention and engagement, and what you sought to achieve by addressing the issues faced by your organisation (Maximum 150 words).
  • Provide an overview of the initiative/approach you took to tackle this challenge in the last 12 months. (Maximum 150 words and/or a precise link to the relevant page on your website).
  • Explain what makes your approach different or more impactful than previous campaigns and/or those taken by competitors? (Maximum 150 words and/or a precise link to the relevant page on your website).
  • Provide measurable evidence and data of the success of your approach and how it has achieved your initial aims. (Maximum 150 words and/or a precise link to the relevant page on your website).
  • Provide case studies and/or testimonials from employees and staff that illustrate the success of your campaign.
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